Friday Fun Day!!

Anika Working On Her Power Snatch!!

 Hello XFA family!!  Just wanted to let everyone know great job this week with the workouts.  Thanks to Laura for her birthday WOD yesterday… it was a good one.  I wanted to start an athlete profile on those of you who are interested in sharing some information with the rest of us.  Next week I will have an outline for an athlete profile for you guys to fill out.  A few people have caught my eye in th gym and are kicking but with their WODs and weight loss.  I want to highlight those athletes and their accomplishments!!  All of you keep up the great work!  Every one of you brings something special to XFA.   Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!  Don’t forget free Saturday class at 9:30am bring friends, family, neighbors, and anyone who might want to experience what CrossFit Allegiance is all about. 

Quote Of The Day:  “It’s the things that aren’t said that do the most damage!” – Tim Myers 


Friday Fun Day!!

  1. Trista Myers said:

    That sounds great! Should be fun to put together an athlete profile.

  2. Sequoyah said:

    Ummm….my emotions still hurt from yesterday!?

  3. Jullie said:

    This week was awesome! Totally kicked my butt, however I loved every minute of it! Thanks, Lu!

  4. Mike Ussary said:

    What a great group that showed up for the Saturday WOD. Lots of new people and good energy. Lu and Austin the gym is really taking shape and the hard work and long hours of the last month are paying off. Everyone keep up the hard work, speaking from expirience, that and good food pays huge dividends.

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