50 In The Clip!!


Quote Of The Day:  “There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction.” -Winston Churchill

Great job everyone on ‘Kelly” thats one tough WOD!!  It took some serious mental toughness to dig deep and push through.  Proud of you guys!! Keep up the great work. 

What is your favorite animal? Why?  Post to Comments:)


50 in the Clip

50 power cleans to burpees on the bar

135-M/ 95-W

  1. Kortney said:

    I pretty much love all animals…but cats are my favorite! They are low maintenance and snuggly. 🙂

  2. Linda Thomas said:

    I love my cats because they love me.

  3. Mike Ussary said:

    Just wanted to share with everyone the results of the sleep study done 2 weeks ago. Prior to the weight loss, I had sleep apena and slept with a CPAP machine. Pam called it my Darth Vadar mask. Visited the doctor today and I no longer have sleep apena, no more CPAP. This is a huge success as according to him, less than 3% of the people that have sleep apena correct the condition. Thanks again everyone for your support.

    • Jessica Cordero said:

      Wow, that’s really great Mike. I can’t wait to add my testimony to yours. Way to go!

  4. Anne Hansen said:

    Good Job Mike!! That is a HUGE accomplishment (along with all of the other ones that you have shared). You are truly an inspiration!

    As for animals, I will have to go with cats as well…but that is really the only pet I have had other than fish. For animals that are just cool…there are too many to list. For those that like learning about animals…check out the LIFE series on the Discovery Channel….it is fascinating!

  5. Jullie said:

    Hate cats! Love dogs! They love you no matter what!!!

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