Sign-Up….Whole 9!!

Quote Of The Day: ” I love you, and I just want you to know that this is going to hurt me, much more than it hurts you.” – Daddy Austin

Den family please get signed up for the Nutrition Workshop with Whole9 Life this Saturday from 10am-2pm (they have added an extra hour of info). Cost is $62!!! There will be no 9:30 class due to the seminar!!! Come train your mind so you can better train your body.


For Time

100 x Double Unders

90 x Supermans

80 x Squats

70 x Situps

60 x Lunges

50 x Push-ups

40 x Box Jumps

30 x Wall Balls

20 x Burpees

10 x Pull-ups

  1. Lisa Hutchins said:

    Are you kidding me!!!? This is insaine! I want it to be known to my 9ers that I told Lu I couldn’t make it before I saw this. (Carmen’s Kinder Graduation @ 9:45). Thanks you Carmie!

  2. Mike Ussary said:

    OMG!! Where did that guy come from? Dig those shorts. 100 DU insane, I just got single ones down. Already scheduled at the global gym today. Like Lisa, I am not bailing do to the workout. Everyone have a great day and looking forward to the food workshop on Saturday.

  3. Lisa Hutchins said:

    I’m not bailing on the workout….. Can’t justify missing daughter’s graduation for xfit today! Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow? And Austin, my son hears that same quote on a daily basis!

  4. Kendall said:

    I love these types of workouts but today is not my training day. Do we have the same Thursday 6:00 am’rs as we do Friday 6:00 am’rs?

  5. Trista said:

    Oh man I am soooooo glad to be done with this one!!!!! It was a bit of a challenge and I am WHIPPED now. But I am always up for a good challenge and feel very accomplished to have conquered this one! Good luck and best wishes to you who have yet to conquer “chipper”!
    Lisa you looked beautiful this morning! I hope the graduation was great.

  6. Trista said:

    Oh and Austin, you look super hot in those shorts….we all had a good laught, thank you!

  7. Lisa Hutchins said:

    Thanks Trista! Hard to belive my baby is on to First Grade! Wanted to make it known that I did do the workout, on my own..21:05 Wow… I’m gonna be sore tomorrow!

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