Take Over Tuesday!!


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Quote Of The Day:  “If you try to make something just to fit your  uninformed view of some hypothetical market, you will fail.  If you make something special and powerful and honest and true, you will succeed.”~ Hugh Macleod 



Take Over Tuesday 

Choose a WOD on the board!!! 

Question Of The Day: 

If you were in charge of design a Workout Of The Day, what would it be?

  1. Mike Ussary said:

    Just more great news from the doctor office. Results of heart monitor worn last week for 24 hrs. (included 1 crossfit workout & tabitat row within 75 minute time frame) Resting heart rate 36, max heart rate 137, average over time 52. No signs of AFib during the time frame. Got off 1 medication and reduced another dosage by 1/3. The amount of medications I am taking now compared to January 2010 is a small portion. No need for another visit for 12 months. Yeh!! A small down side, is the Dr. thinks I may have a mirco valve leaking (murmur) that was only slightly noticable in 2008, but now more auditable because of the weight loss, he can here better. Not an issue at this time. Will do an echo study in a year. No sleep apnea (only 3% cure themselves of this condition). THE TRANSFORMATION IS GREAT AND STILL GOING. Focus and goals are important. Anyone that desires is able to take control of the situation and turn things around. I found a pair of Boy Scout pants that I had not worn since 1987 (very tight the last I remember) and put them on and the waist was loose. Thank you for all the support that comes from the Crossfit Family and the trainers.

  2. Ben said:

    I would totally steal

    “Cassius Clay”


    3 Deadlift (315lbs/205lbs)
    3 Muscle ups
    3 Clean & Jerks (185lbs/105lbs)
    2 Rope Climbs
    1 Box Jump (36″/24″)
    300 Metre Hill Climb

    from CrossFit Vancouver

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