Partner Up!!

Annie Getting Set for Her Press


Quote Of The Day:  “He who praises you for what you lack wishes to take from you what you have.” ~Don Juan Manuel 



Partner workout
Starts with a 1200m relay, where each partner runs a 400m leg and a 200m leg.
Second part is done like ’suicides’. One partner runs out to marked spot and does db thrusters (45#/30#) then brings the dumbbells back to the start line. Same person runs out again (to a further spot) and does KBS and brings KB back to start line. Same person runs out to next spot and OH walking lunges a medicine ball (20#/14#) back to start line.  Partner # 2 then does the same, only in reverse, starting with the OH walking lunge with medicine ball ending with the thruster and leaving the equipment at the designated spots as they go. This is repeated for 3 rounds. The reps for the thrusters and KBS are 15-12-9.  The workout ends with another 1200m relay. 

Question Of The Day: 

Who is more fit, the olympic lifter, gymnast, or mile runner?

  1. Anne Hansen said:

    Looks like a good workout!
    As for the QOD…I would say gymnast because they must have endurance, flexibility, stregnth, and showmanship. All are very fit, of course, but the gymnast has to be very well rounded and be able to put on a show.

  2. Ben C. said:

    If fitness is work capacity across broad time and modial domains the oylmpic lifter, gymnast, and mile runner are all specialists in their respective fields. The oly lifter most likely will dominate in the phosphagen pathway, and the gymnast and runner are most likely very strong in the glycolytic pathway, but I think any of them could bleed over into other energetic pathways and be ok. Each dicipline requires a fair competency in many of the 10 general physical skills, so none of them has that on the other. I think its a wash, they are all some what fit but not necessarily any more fit than the other.

  3. Anne Hansen said:

    Geez Ben, get all technical on us…LOL. 🙂 Good post though- very thoughtful 🙂

    Good workout today guys. Love coming to visit the Den!

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