Happy Friday!!

Linda with Her Impeccable Form

Quote Of The Day:
“Thirsty hearts are those whose longings have been wakened by the touch of God within them.” ~A.W. Tozer

Congratulations to all of you who are still going strong with the Whole 30.  We are 5 days down and hearing some great stories from folks….LOTS OF WEIGHT LOSS!!!  That’s just a side effect to eating properly, what are some other things that some of you have been noticing?  Changes in your physique?  Less bloating after meals?  Quicker recoveries?  Let us know we want to hear.  For those of you that are still hanging onto some little foods, let’s work this next week to get rid of them….there’s sugar hiding around EVERY corner.  There’s something artificial being super SNEAKY finding it’s way into your mouth.  So let’s bump up the awareness and stay consistent.  The weekends are difficult but just remember why you are doing this.  We are 30 days no cheats.  Stay strong and please let us know if you have any questions.  We are here to help you succeed.  Don’t forget that there are about 30 other people involved in this so let’s get some posting going on so that everyone knows they aren’t in this alone.  Post your results, your triumphs, and your struggles, because guess what guys, YOUR STORY MATTERS!!!


Pick your Workout!

Question Of The Day:
Would you rather ski/snowboard or water ski/wakeboard?

  1. Lisa Hutchins said:

    Wakeboard! Hands down………. Nothing better than the sun.

  2. Anne Hansen said:

    For the QOD= waterski or wakeboard any day!! Love the sun and the water!

    Good Sunday for me so far. Had a schedule change where I now get every weekend off and so far so good!

    For my Sunday workout: Ran two miles- first mile steady pace, then intervals for the last mile. Then: 20 reps/5 Rounds of: DUs, butterfly situps, pushups, squats (no weight). I actually did 6 rounds of DUs because I wanted to do 20 unbroken reps each set…that fifth set I couldn’t quite get 20 unbroken so I moved on to finish up the other sections and did the 6th set of DUs unbroken. I didn’t time myself but I tried not to take any rests other than for quick sips of water (it’s hot!!)

    One thing I love about the Den vs. other gyms is how it motivates me even when I am on my own working out. Previously to XFit, I would just jog or do some weights or whatever…with no real goal or motivation. I just wasn’t sure what I was putting all of that energy towards. Now I feel like I have something to make myself better for…even if that last sprint or rep is tough, I know it will improve my time, endurance, stability, or number of reps next time I am at the gym. It’s definately one of the pieces that I feel like I have been missing.

    As for the eating, I’m not doing whole 30…but you all totally inspire me! I am trying to eat cleaner and up my veggies and protien to have some of each at most meals. I have been reading the whole 30 blog and it’s very interesting, good tips for eating on the go.

    Have a fun weekend everyone!

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