Get After It!

Quote of the Day:
“He who never made a mistake never made a discovery.”
~Samuel Smiles

Pick Your WOD and have some Fun!!

Question Of The Day:
Would you rather fart blue clouds or sweat green smile?

You Guys Want To Work Out With Me?

  1. Trista said:

    Oh hubba hubba! This is too funny!!!!!

  2. Anne said:

    WOW….that workout must have deprived his brain of some oxygen :)Trista you must be so proud! Kassidy likes his headband and KB. This made my morning though!! Happy Friday!

  3. Lu said:

    Timmy that was seriously so great!!! Thank you for such a good sport and letting us post this pic of you. We might work hard in here but we for sure have sooooooo much fun!!!!! Great job this week all!

  4. Chris! said:

    Tim! Nice sixer! I’m still working on mine. 🙂

  5. Shane said:

    that’s it…..I’m working out in the Hooters outfit!!

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