Getting those KB swings like a champ!!!

Getting those KB swings like a champ!!!


When I was younger (like in my late 30’s) I was looking down the road with anticipation to the days of taking care of “me”.  I hadn’t done that since the day I became a Mom.  With my kids grown up now I had a dream to be in better shape in my 40’s than ever before.  I have always been in OK shape however over the years certain parts of my body had shifted to places they didn’t belong.  Like everyone else I had a garage full of “equipment” buried under years of junk, and I had donated thousands of dollars to various gyms in the area but I lacked what Lu calls intrinsic motivation.  
I’ve known Lu for a good long time, so when she graduated from college and moved home to start a new business, she came by my office to hand out her business cards.  I felt like that was a sign.  So I signed up. This is something I do for me, and it has been the best investment I have ever made.  I know that I am in better shape now than I have ever been, but the best part is that the way Lu teaches, she makes you want do everything in a way that makes you better.  There are so many times I make decisions everyday based on my workouts and my desire to continue.  And as for those parts of my body that had shifted……they are back where they belongs.  Thanks Lu.

Look at that OH Lunge form!!!

Look at that OH Lunge form!!!


I am 55 years old. I started working out with Lu about a year ago. I half heartedly worked out before. I am starting to notice a change in my body. I have muscles in places I have not seen for awhile. I can wear short sleeve blouses and feel good, I know by summer I will have definition and feel wonderful in short sleeves!!!! My tennis game has improved and I very seldom have backaches!!!!! All thanks to Lu!!!!!!!!!! She pushes me and has given me the drive to work harder.  Thanks, Deb

When I arrived at Lu’s fitness studio, I came with two prosthetic knees, one troublesome shoulder, and over 80 years of assorted baggage.  During Lu’s one-on-one fitness training, she constantly encouraged and corrected me and set up various combinations of exercises designed to meet my particular needs and capabilities.  Her ability to keep me interested and challenged made me actually look forward to my fitness sessions twice a week. 


Although many of Lu’s clients can really do amazing things, I can only do things that amaze me, but that does keep me coming.  Rowing, lunges, squats, weight lifting, and other activities have helped me with everything I do from playing golf to lifting groceries more easily and safely.  I have to add, being able to squat is particularly helpful for someone with two knee replacements! 


Yes, I really love to go to my fitness sessions.

Carol Langford  

  1. Krysten said:

    It sounds like fun! I can’t wait to try it!

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